Reflection: Art Made for Non-Human Animals
Interspecies Collaboration Show
By Andrea Chase (06/07/10 00:13:21)
Related animals: Dog, Hermit Crab

Well I think its safe to say that our show was a complete success. I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of my peers! Thanks to all who made it happen. I particularly enjoyed Jeff's painting in the Dolphin Room; I thought it came together to be quite an aesthetically interesting piece. I also appreciated the live track-sand-painting from Hermes , Matt's hermit-crab. Jordan's interactive fish bowl proved to be quite fun and intriguing as well, I'm glad one of us forced the rest of the class into another animal's shoes. Afterall, that is one of the main purposes of this class- to put ourselves in another species' shoes and gain a universalistic attitude toward valuing another's life both within and outside our species.

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