Reflection: Animal Play Behavior
Personal Interaction with Dolphins
By Jorden Hirsch (06/03/10 16:05:01)
Related animal: Dolphin

Over Memorial day weekend I was able to enjoy a great weekend and found myself at Santa Claus beach in Santa Barbara having my own personal obsservation and interaction of play with dolphins. I was making a sand castle right near the water and noticed 2 dolphins incredibly closed to the shore, I was so happy, as people always are when they see dolphins. I went back to doing my castle, figuring that the doplhins would have passed. And then when I looked again about 5 minutes later they were still playing, this was really suprising to me because usually when I have seen them at the beach the pass pretty quickly. I found my self walking and following them up and down the beach as they moved back in fourth playing in their small pod. It was a great experience to add to my memorial day weekend.

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