Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Santa Cruz Island Day 2
By Danielle Terhune (06/01/10 11:13:39)
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Santa Cruz Island Day 3
Monday, May 17 2010
A Recollection of Day 2

The day started off with a trip to the far side of the island, to one of its cliffy beachside spots. We all crammed into Moe, our old beat up truck for the day, and took off down the windy roads of Santa Cruz Island.
On our way there we saw what seemed to be a road runner, but it seemed a bit fat. We slowly chased it in the truck and it stayed on the road, running for awhile, and then took up along the hillside. We were later told it might have been an island turkey. Later on, on our walk back from the seaside to our camp the truck same up on me, Royce, Tanasa, and Danusia and we ran from the truck mimicking the bird we saw earlier. It was super fun but seemed like we could have definitely freaked out the bird earlier.
At the beachside of the island we saw some sea urchins, starfish, and other tide pool creatures. We also saw the head of a seal checking out all of the commotion.
Later that night almost all of us saw the foxes again. They are always so cute!

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