Other: Interspecies Communication
Reading: Ch 5,6 from Dolphin Mysteries: Unlocking the Secrets of Communication
By ho chi leung (05/30/10 02:02:47)
Related animal: Dolphin

Dolphins are known to have a peaceful and playful image to everyone’s mind. Toni Frohoff also described that dolphins often tease and play with birds and they sometimes even throw fish to birds. However, dolphins are not always friendly and peaceful with members of their own species. As Toni pointed out, infanticide has been witnessed among bottlenose dolphins in several locations around the globe. Moreover, a human fatality case happened in Brazil by a sociable bottlenose dolphin, but it was defending for itself because the two humans were trying to abuse and capture it.

Toni also suggested dolphins usually are found in groups, and rarely be alone. It reminds me that I was surprised to see the two or three thousands dolphins in the sea during the field trip. Although I had so much fun in the trip when I saw dolphins filled up the ocean, I could feel the boat kept hitting on the dolphins when I was standing at the front of the boat. And Toni also mentioned in her book that sometimes, the boats pursed the dolphins in a high speed, it occasionally separated the mother-calf pairs. Moreover, she also suggested that the shipping noise would possibly disturb the dolphins’ cetacean vocalizations and further interrupt their communications.

Human beings often danger or interrupt dolphins’ life, hence, I agree with Toni that we should have a better understanding of “the dolphin social ecology and communication heightens our understand of the dynamics of their society and how we—human interlopers into their underwater world—affect their development as individuals and as a community”.

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