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Reading: chapter 10, Chapter 10 Jim Nollman's "The Man Who Talks to Whales"
By ho chi leung (05/30/10 01:57:12)
Related animal: Dolphin

In Jim Nollman’s Dolphin Mysteries chapter 10, he often anthropomorphized the dolphins such as saying the dolphins seemed to be the human musicians who prefer to work at night, and human and dolphins tend to reflect each other because humans sense natural wisdom more clearly and succinctly from the dolphins than from other animals. Jim suggested that all living creatures are remarkably related on that basic level of genes, and therefore human and animals or other living creatures are all the same stuff. I understand how his point came from, but I do not totally agree. Although humans’ and animals’ basic level of genes are probably related, the genes formulas are still different and which makes every species to be distinct. Hence, I do not agree all living creatures “are the same stuff”, and the way he concluded was too general.

I support what Jim said that “all the living beings and communities of beings have been living and breathing cooperatively since the very inception of life on earth”. I believe it was the God’s goal when He first created the world. Nevertheless, human’ living style is changing causes the world to change. And the change further interrupted the cooperativeness or the relationship between human beings and animals.

It was interesting to read how the dolphins react to music. They played back-and forth game—rushing off at top speed, all five breaking across the surface of water in unison, away from the boat, until Jim stopped playing. However, the way Jim described how the dolphins reacted, they seemed having fun. But I doubted if that is really how the dolphins felt.

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