Essay: Interspecies Relationships
Hermes the PostConsumer Island-Dweller
By Matthew Roy Reeves (05/24/10 00:51:31)
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I explored Santa Cruz Island from Saturday, 17 May until Monday, 19 May, and realized how such a confined space can indeed contain far more room than perceived. It has prompted me to acquire a larger space for Hermes, as his Destijl Mobile enlargens, and enlivens.
After a tight-squeeze tango with death, Hermes is now awarded a larger environment for his courageousness. He now engages in a molting phase, but refuses to leave his shell. He needs room to dance! The life of Hermes depends on it. The Destijl Mobile now exists as a 2.5 gallon Rubbermaid® EasyFind Lids™ plastic container: the most advanced in sustainable PostConsumer space design. Where leftovers may typically reside, a dance party will occur. The art of PP 5 plastics material will supersede science in the heat of a sultry salsa number.
Hermes is a revolutionary PostConsumer Island dweller, free from the bonds of survival, and with plenty of wiggle room. Though Santa Cruz Island was not made of plastic, I did paint its countryside in acrylic. I was therefore inspired by the controlled freedom of the island; the state can fully regulate the occupancy, and put the kibosh on visitors concealing wildlife souvenirs. An island is the ideal environment for creating or maintaining a space. The renowned Island Fox, for example, will never face a predator, for they do not exist on the island. Likewise, the lifestyle of Hermes is easily permitted by the granted source of food and water, new shells and burrow habitats.
Hermes, like the Santa Cruz Island Fox, lives in confined, controlled freedom. It is oddly like my freedom while living in Isla Vista. I go to college and explore my passions without the obligations of “real life,” looming just beyond Storke and Hollister, the U.S. 101 Highway. Isla Vista is a PostConsumer plastic container of freedom! The freedom exists, because it is given a confined space. The room inside permits a lifestyle, and thus becomes bigger than actuality. Isla Vista is about 2.16 square miles, and somehow supports 18,000 college students, and 72,000 annual Halloween partygoers. Hermes leads by example: freedom on the inside. But what does Postmodernism have to say about controlled space? I fear it is controlled freedom that transforms an animal into a “pet,” the most abhorred creature of contemporary ideas and art.
Are college students domesticated wildlife? Pets inside 2.5 gallon Rubbermaid® EasyFind Lids™ plastic containers, with plenty of liquor room? Again, Hermes in the Destijl Mobile will lead by example, and by dancing, to the beat of the best music around.

Pouring old world into new terrarium.
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