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Grizzly man
By Lillian Shanahan (05/21/10 13:19:39)
Related animal: Grizzly Bear

I enjoyed watching both films- Charlie seems to be more educated about the brown bear- more conscious of the bears capabilities, taking precautions against possible outcomes from his interactions with the bears. I don't think his response to Timothy's death was negative at all (like his Russian friend said) I think that he stated very clear and reasonable points. I like the point he made about tim always saying that he was doing something dangerous- I think he is right in assuming that Tim believed he was going to survive . Along with his countless "re-takes" tells me that tim definitely thought he was going to be able to show them to others.

I loved the grizzle man movie. mainly because of Werner's take on the situation, he makes it very comical- But i didn't find that I was sucked into this view point I also felt for Timothy. Tim had clearly found something he loved ( I don't think he was out there to protect the bears but to help himself escape) I don't think he hurt anyone by being out there and I think people need to chill out.

Charlie points out that Tim's ex girlfriend handed all the tapes over to werner. Which is also hilarious- something I got a feeling of while watching his film. I think werner does an excellent job of saying - tim might have been a little werid but look at all these other people who are still alive - who are probably even more werid or in the ex-girlfriends case camera hungry.

I find it amazing that the Alaskans were happy to hear of his death. I think that much of what timothy did was for himself rather than for then bears. But if he wasn't harming the Alaskans I see no reason why they would be upset.

The argument that the bears should be scared of humans and that timothy was messing up this order of communication, is kind of ridiculous. Charlie lives near bears and has healthy communications with them. I think if people were more in touch with the natural order of things they would not be so afraid.

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