Other: Interspecies Communication
Chapter 5 & 6
By Michelle Safley (05/20/10 17:06:04)
Related animal: Dolphin

Chapters five and six from Dolphin Mysteries consider the way in which humans and dolphins interact with each other, and the positive and negative effects of such communication. Ultimately, it may be better to leave wild animals alone, but humans are too curious and encompassed in self importance to ever let them alone entirely. It seems like there is no right answer as to whether or not humans should get involved in animal lives. Some might argue that we can save them, so of course we should be communicating with them to the best of our ability. Others might argue that by getting involved we interfere with nature and the natural order of things, and that by stepping back we're not being cruel, we're just letting the animal kingdom do what its been doing for thousands of years. No matter how little or how much we communicate with animals, there is always the chance that a miscommunication will occur, since they already happen quite frequently between humans. We just have to be extra careful and try our best to find the right respectful balance between observer and collaborator, and hope the animals do the same.

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