Other: Interspecies Communication
Chapter 10
By Michelle Safley (05/20/10 12:44:57)
Related animal: Dolphin

The most interesting idea from chapter 10 of Nollman's book is the concept of oneness, one world, and the relation to Gaia. I recall from taking Greek Myth a few years ago the story of Gaia, how she represents the Earth and is like a mother to all living things. Since Gaia is a mother figure that was supposedly around from the beginning, her story suggests that each and every breathing creature is one of her children. If we are all her chlildren, that means there is a connection between us no matter how different we may appear to be. This is an interesting idea to consider because it means that we all should be able to communicate with each other on some level. When Nollman was successful with interacting with the dolphins and made music with and for them to respond to, he proved that though humans and dolphins are different, we can still communicate and connect, especially since we are all essentially children of the Earth.

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