Working with Len
By Norah Eldredge Martin C. Shaver (05/18/10 09:40:01)
Related animal: Cat

Lenn is getting much more interested in the art project. He seems to know that this is something I enjoy to do with him and he never misses the chance to come over and help me out.

I am also in a drawing class and have been working on the floor a lot lately. It was never uncommon for him to join me on the floor and try to get on the paper, but now he is unstoppable! He practically ran upstairs and lept on the paper with hunter-like qualities. Needless to say, that left the paper slightly rumpled, so I may not use it in the drawings' final collective. Perhaps I will try a new group of pieces made up of paper Lenn has attacked and crumpled!

Overall, I feel like our progress is very good and we will finish the quarter with a great variety of Lenn/Norah pieces.

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