Reflection: Other Related Research
Reflections on Chapter 5 and 6 in Dolphin Mysteries
By Heather Sielke (05/18/10 05:33:07)
Related animals: Dolphin, Whale

In the book "Dolphin Mysteries" the part I liked a lot was that the dolphins like to play. That they play with seaweed and other creatures is great. I think it is a little rude to be using the octopus as a ball but funny that it got stuck to one of the dolphins faces. It is interesting to me that the only time Tony felt she was in grave danger was with captive dolphins that she was in the tank with. I feel that we put that kind of danger usually more with wild animals and that we have trained captive animals to not be. The interactive dolphin program can be the most dangerous it said in the book and when she came to talk to the class we found out they have to use so much chlorine to clean the tank that some of the dolphins go blind from it. Also the kids feed the dolphin whatever they want to throw at them and this can be very dangerous. I feel like it is much more exciting to see dolphins and whales in the wild and if done properly it can be much safer and enjoyable for the dolphins.

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