Grozzly Man
By Jeffrey Jacobs (05/13/10 12:20:29)
Related animal: Grizzly Bear

Something about the movie Grizzly Man does not sit right with me. I feel as though the director completely exploited Timothy Treadwell to make some money. If Tim had survived to make a movie about the subject himself, there is no way that he would have included the footage in which he used the camera as a diary. He had no one to talk to when he was in the wild and therefore began talking to the camera and sharing with it all of his thoughts and feelings. The director of the movie edited the footage in such a way as to make it comical. One cannot help but laugh as they see Tim. It is hard for me to believe that the director feels no shame in this complete exploitation to make himself some money. He took a tragic situation and made a comedy out of it. It completely undermines everything that Tim was trying to accomplish by living with these bears. It is also hard for me to believe that Tim didn't realize while he was alive that if he were to die in the field it would be a major step backward for his cause of allowing people to see that these bears mean people no harm. The movie ends up portraying the exact opposite message, that bears are dangerous and will kill humans for food. Timothy Treadwell seems to have had a pretty righteous idea to spread knowledge about the thing he loved the most, though he didn't really think it trough all the way. He does not deserve to be made a mockery of in his death so that some filmmaker can get his hands on some more money. Profits profits profits, who cares whose life work you are spitting on.

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