Other: Interspecies Communication
Dolphins and Humans Share Rule-Making and Game-Playing
By Matthew Roy Reeves (05/11/10 22:48:38)
Related animals: Dolphin, Hermit Crab

Nollman introduces his inspiration for communication with dolphins through the "Gaia hypothesis," which suggests that "the earth itself is a self-regulating organism" (140). The Gaia consists of biological and chemical organisms joined in a non-material network. In pursuit of discovering evidence of the Gaia, Nollman attempted to communicate with a school of dolphins. Together, the dolphins and Nollman established a series of rules of a games. I intend to collaborate with my Hermit Crab, Hermes, with similar inspirations originating from the Gaia hypothesis.

Hermes, myself, and my fellow collaborator Danielle Terhune are constructing a Hermit Crab dance mix, for all aspects of his life. I will now begin work with a goal similar to that of Nollman in his pursuit of actualizing the Dolphin/Human Community. It will be the Hermit Crab/Matthew and Danielle community, a microcosm of the Gaia, with the non-material network of electric sound.

Nollman encourages me to create art with an understanding that I represent a species to other creatures. This understanding opens a passage of potential collaboration naturally overlooked when humans distinguish themselves amongst humans. By including Hermes in my art process, we become more and more conscious of the Gaia, and how we function within it.

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