Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
ch. 10
By Hilary Elizabeth MacDonald (05/11/10 20:20:16)
Related animal: Dolphin

His opening lines in chapter 10 got me thinking. Of course animals are concerned with us, I wonder what they think when a strange animal wearing all kinds of colors and hair growing from certain spots comes walking towards them. He talks about co-evolution. These dolphins (in general) are forced to live with us in many situations so I don’t see a positive to this co-evolving. He begins talking about One Nature, we are all unconsciously connected…..I’m sill not sure about this statement but perhaps. He suggests we keep inside are own mind, through meditation exercise and other physical and spiritual acts. He believes that the dolphins could sever as a guide through a conscious journey. Dolphins are very similar to humans so what better source if information then the wild dolphins that Jim and his wife followed. I like that Jim does not force interaction on these beautiful creatures, he waits for them to come to him. SUCCESS! Jim gets the 3 dolphins to dance around his boat but really listening and experimenting to find the right tones for them. Jims explanation of the best teacher. …”the greatest teacher demonstrates for you your own true nature”

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