Reflection: Animal Communication
By Hilary Elizabeth MacDonald (05/11/10 19:24:31)
Related animal: Bear

Grizzly Man:

After seeing the Grizzly Man documentary I had a lot of mixed feelings. I believe that Timothy Treadwell was really passionate about what the did and truly felt a connection to these bears. However I do feel as if he was a bit psychotic and was missing some sort of human connection. He was too involved with becoming a bear then living in peace with the bears. His mood swings seemed unhealthy and his addiction to what he did is no different than any other addiction. Timothy did mention an alcohol addiction earlier in his films. I believe that animals do need help in this day and age, but I think this help should come in the form of helping animals without too much contact if any at all. Its more of an awareness issue. Changing the bears wont do anything you have to change the people that are affecting the bears. The fewer animals that are humanized the easier it will be for them to be protected. To Timothy he was a bear and to the bears he was just a different animal that was trying to interact with them whether the they wanted him there or not.

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