Other: Interspecies Communication
Chapter 10
By Serena Zahler (05/11/10 09:19:15)
Related animal: Dolphin

I think it is interesting that a 3rd species brought Nollman and the Dolphins to a note that fully realized their quest to interact. Both Nollman and the Dolphins mimicked the bottom fish sound as inspiration to create a sound for the two species. As Nollman explains, "Everybody---dolphins, humans, bottom fish, shamans, guitar players---everybody was playing music with everybody else" 153. "Over time this special sound developed into our main form of dolphin/guitar signaling...it was one of the very few sounds that both guitar player and dolphin could produce and hear as well" 153. "Through the random genius of the bottom fish...the humans and the dolphins had stumbled upon the fragile beginnings of a mutually acceptable musical language" 153. This 3rd party process is also recognized in my resource text on Nathan Wolfe, who found that through the seemingly un-collaborative nature of interspecies hunting, humans and animals have enabled viruses to move from non-human animals to humans. This may seem very different from the collaboration of the bottom fish to create a language for humans and dolphins, but I feel it is a similar structure just top down. Monkey + Human= Virus movement to human, Fish grunt= Dolphin + Human language.

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