Reflection: Interspecies Communication
In Response to the film "Grizzly Man"
By Danielle Terhune (05/10/10 17:32:17)
Related animal: Bear

After watching this film I have come to the conclusion that Timothy Treadwell was irresponsible, self-destructive, and delusional. I am aware that the director of the documentary, Werner Herzog, made everyone in the film seem dimwitted and awkward through his interviews and filming techniques, yet I base my conclusion on Treadwell and his states of delusions strictly from his videos and personal claims surrounding the bears and his goals. My first problem with Treadwell is that he not only blurred the boundaries between man and wild beast, but completely crossed them. He gave himself and those around him a false sense of security based on the fact that he lasted for so many summers with the grizzlies. There is a sense of awe and wonder how a man could live among the wild for so long, but I feel he definitely lost himself in the animal world. He mind became twisted and confused. His obsession was very unhealthy in the mental capacity. Because of his stupidity and false sense of security he died, his girlfriend died and a bear died. Herzog definitely played excepts from over hundreds of hours or more of film that portrayed Treadwell as an unbalanced man who lost his way and direction. He showed clips that would make even the most adamant lovers of animals and animal research question the validity of Treadwell. These clips may have been detrimental to the popular view of Treadwell, but I feel it is important to show his true character as well, to deter other enthusiasts from repeating his same mistakes. I think that Treadwell, like Charlie Russell did originally set out to do good, but in the mix of it all Treadwell lost his way and more importantly his mind. This film did not make me believe bears to be heartless and mindless as Herzog concluded on, but I do believe this documentary was a warning to respect Grizzlies and their wild habitat.

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