Other: Interspecies Communication
Whatever you want
By Jorden Hirsch (05/08/10 15:57:32)
Related animal: Dolphin

What I found most interesting about this chapter, was the over wall idea and emphasis on the connection between all living creatures. When discussing the dolphin/ human relationship Nollman uses the dolphins as an important example for the positive and major evolutionary step. “The concept seems a prime example of what co-evolution means: a tenuous first step away from our human role of exploiter to the new role of treating the planet as home and neighborhood…” I believe this is one of the more important things for the development of interspecies communications. If all living creatures are related as Nollman also points out then we have to in some ways be treated on very similar levels.

Nollman poses the question to the reader; do you experience “it”? I do in some ways understand this “it” feeling. In many ways I think “it” manifests in humans as guilt, remorse, an intrinsic instinct to do the right thing or feel responsibility

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