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Pig Farm
By Heather Sielke (05/02/10 12:24:19)
Related animal: Pot-Bellied Pig

Lil Orphan Hammies in Solvang is a place where people have been taking potbellied pigs when they can no longer take care of them. Sue Parkinson is their caretaker and she is no longer taking in smaller/ younger pigs because she is finally becoming tired and wants to retire. Some of the pigs included Michael Jackson's pig and the pig from when Magic Mountain had a petting zoo. The pigs there range from being the size of a pug to being the size of a mid size bear. Oreo was the largest one that I saw and it was the most mobile in my opinion. It love to have attention and was always wanting to be rubbed. Sue has separated the pig that are older and cannot get around from the more mobile and fighting pigs. They have a large area that they can go but usually Sue says do not go that far. Sue knows most if not all by name and their histories. When Lisa told us to try and communicate with one of the pigs for twenty minutes I found a pig near the fence and was going to try and communicate like we had learned from Barbara but then all of a sudden it walked away really fast. I thought maybe it just did not want to communicate with me but all of the pigs were rushing into a line and going to get fed. It was weird to see them altogether. It was because to of my classmates had a paper and when the paper was crinkled it sounded like their feed bags so they thought it was time to get fed. Sue fed them and they all fought over the food. These pigs made sounds to communicate with each other which sounds quite interesting.

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