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Blue Crane Bike Path Experience
By Serena Zahler (04/29/10 15:13:25)
Related animals: Crane, Gofer

I forgot to write about the profound experience I had when riding home from the gym a couple weeks ago. As I was riding on the bike path right behind the baseball field, I witnessed a crane slowly walking across with a gofer in his mouth. He was so elegant even in his most animalistic representation. I stopped and watched the crane walk across and then behind a bush before he swallowed the gofer whole. It was interesting to note that no one else riding on the bike path saw. This shows how we often pass by the most simplistic yet beautiful moments because we are so caught up in our human-beingness. It is also interesting the long time frame it took the crane to walk, choose a place to finish his meal, and eat. As humans we forget that every species has it's own sense of time and space. All of the bikes huddle close on the bike path to ride as fast as possible to their destination, while the crane takes time to move away from the human time-frame space of the bike path. As a species humans need to remember that there are other times than our time. By keeping this different sense of time in mind, our interspecies collaborations can be informed by a deeper awareness. The idea of time may be a great place to begin an idea for collaboration.

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