Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Lil Orphan Hammies Trip
By Serena Zahler (04/29/10 15:00:49)
Related animal: Pig

While visiting the pot belly pig sanctuary, I realized that we as humans in Art 130 may want to collaborate with other species, but that doesn't mean they are interested in us. Andrea and I thought we would create a series of Mud Paintings after the success of the dog/human mud paintings. This idea was unsuccessful as the pigs were frightened by the paper and didn't want to step on anything, but solid mud ground. Maybe the pigs instinctively knew we had brought butcher paper to create our mud paintings... The Hammies experience definitely made me take a more non-human animal perspective when thinking about collaboration. Just because I think an animal will be interested in my collaborative idea doesn't mean they actually will be interested. I want to use this experience and create concepts that are more geared to collaborations that will be more beneficial to the other species. If I do this, I believe that the collaboration will be much more successful in that I will get to collaborate, create art, and learn about the other species on their terms, while they get a benefit or enjoyment out of their interaction with me.

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