Pig Sanctuary
By Jenna Ferri (04/27/10 23:32:21)
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The pig sanctuary was quite an enlightening experience. It really touched on the point the bird women spoke about how we are prejudice to cute animals. When the pot-bellied pigs were small and pet-friendly, the humans were willing to collaborate with them in their houses. When they grew larger and less attractive, they became undesirable.
It was during my experience I learned how easy these pigs were to bond with. Once one got past their appearances, they were very willing and lovable animals. One instance in particular stuck out. Jeff was standing there and one of the pigs came up to him to smell his shoes. Once it decided he liked this smell, he laid down right on top of Jeff's feet and snuggled up. It was so inspiring to see how willing they were to trust us, even though they had all been betrayed by humans before. They were re-training us pay attention to the small details we had forgotten.
I have attached a photo of Jeff with the pig to show just how trusting this pig was.

the pig snuggling with jeff

pig smelling jeff's shoes
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