Reflection: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
Barbara Janell Workshop
By Matthew Roy Reeves Danielle Terhune (04/25/10 20:25:02)
Related animal: Hermit Crab

Barbara Janell became a necessary encounter between my Hermit Crab Hermes and I. As the workshop progressed, I noticed a strong subhuman connection forming within the classroom, from a present source. What did Janell have in store?
Barbara Janell is an animal communicator, granted an M.A. in the field, and knew characteristics of the animals present, and distant, that their owners did not. The certification signified a serious capability.
After we came inside from sitting with trees, I picked up Hermes and let him crawl along my arm. He meandered, with no visual direction, from my wrist to my elbow. Janell observed him, and concluded that he loved music, and that I should get him another hermit crab for company. Fascinating.
The class ended, and I stayed behind packing up Hermes. Janell asked me if I knew why Hermes chose the path on my arm that he followed. "He was sensing changes in body temperature." She let me feel the temperature change from her wrist to her forearm, and I realized what Hermes was thinking as he progressed along mine earlier that afternoon.
The human mind progresses with intuitive moves across the folds of the brain, and generates thoughts. Hermes progressed with intuitive moves across the folds of my arm, and generated movement. "You may have thought it was your decision to bring Hermes in today, but he decided it for you," Janell said, smiling, emitting the strongest subhuman connective force I have ever encountered. Her presence with Hermes and I brought me to understand my own pet.

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