Reflection: Interspecies Communication
animal communicator Barbara Janelle
By Jennifer Lee Lin (04/22/10 19:25:35)
Related animal: Dog

I think i felt much more of a connection with the tree i chose (or mutually chose each other?) than i did with any of the animals people brought in. when i left the classroom i immediately started walking to that tree (tree in the middle of the lawn by lagoon, with 5 trunks), but midway i got distracted by a group of 3 trees with a lot of shade and ivy. i literally just came to a stop and i kept looking back and forth, but i eventually stayed to my original choice.

When i was with the tree, i dont know if it spoke to me, but just feeling the firmness of the trunk supporting me and the warmth of the sunshine on my face, i felt myself settle down and be at peace. I just said out loud the things that were pressing on my mind, and im pretty sure it didnt know what i was talking about, but i felt better, and i felt more able to deal with the problems. when i walked away from the tree and i decided to lay on the grass in the sunshine for a while, and while resting i could feel the roots of the tree underneath me growing and living. it might have just been my imagination but in any case, i felt what i felt.

trying to connect with the 3 dogs, cat and hermit crab in the room later on didn't do much for me. I think i will continue with the tree therapy and collaboration...

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