By Sean Turner (04/22/10 06:58:56)
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In this chapter Nollman discusses interspecies protocol, or the delicate relationship between two species that have learned to love and respect one another. This term is much like a social etiquette. The bushmen and the lions used to have a mutual respectful relationship. However, when the ranchers and their cattle encroached on the lions' drinking hours, they broke this bond of trust, and the lions attacked the men and their cattle. This seems like the lions are clearly communicating that the humans overstepped their boundries, and us humans need to learn from these types of encounters. These interspecies relationships are very delicate and it is important that we take care to keep them healthy. Or else, we may elicit a negative response that may carry over for generations to come. For example, the Grizzly bears are now afraid of humankind because humans have killed these great bears in the past. This eliminates any possibility of communicating with these animals. We are no longer able to get close enough to them to learn from them about the world in which we live.

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