Other: History/Philosophy - Relationship Human/Non-Human
Reading: Chapter 8, Fear of the Familiar
By ho chi leung (04/21/10 23:52:59)
Related animal: Dog

I think it is interesting to know that some artists prefer to work with wild animals because they think animals’ wildness reflects the animals’ true identities. However, to me, I am more interested to work with domestic animals because there is a sort of relationship between the animals and the human, and that relationship line interests me more to explore. Moreover, even though the domestic animals are adapted to human life, their own identities or characteristics that cannot be washed away from them. For example, no one or no other dogs had taught my dog to pee and master places or spots when I take him a walk, and no one or no other dogs had taught my dog to bark when people come in from the door. In short, I think animals’ characteristics are always in them since they were born. And regarding the ways and attitudes that domestic animals react to human, I do not think they ruined the true characteristics from the animals. Rather than that, I see these are the extra characteristics from these domestic animals. Moreover, “It is love that leads to knowledge” is my favorite quote in this reading.

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