Reflection: Animal Communication
animal communicating
By Hilary Elizabeth MacDonald (04/21/10 21:10:14)
Related animal: Tree

Barbara Janelle Visit: Hilary MacDonald

When Barbara Janelle invited the class to go outside and communicate with trees I was extremely skeptical. I walked out the door and headed for a tree in the shade that had vines wrapped around it. I slowly went down the hill towards the tree. When I reached the tree I stared at it the slowly walked away, then re approached it. I tried lying against it but this didnít seen right then I tried facing it with my hands on the trunk. Still no connection. I was with the tree for about 10 minutes and didnít feel a single thing or get a question answered.

So after a first failed attempt at communicating with a tree I tried again. It is a tree near my apartment. I was determined and ready to accomplish communication or just any feelings at all. I again approached the tree slowly. Once I reached this tree I again stared at it then walked away then re approached it. I tried sitting this time, with my back against it and asked it questions. Still I felt no connection to this tree. I went home and tried to figure out why I failed so miserable at communicating with the trees. I decided that I would probably just connect better with my dog or parrot. Unfortunatly these two animals are 60 miles away with my parents . I plan on trying to communicate with my dog the next time I go home.

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