Reflection: Interspecies Relationships
Second Article Response
By Norah Eldredge (04/20/10 12:15:37)
Related animals: Cat, Dog

This article made me think about my own personal relationship with animals. I have a very strong opinion about animals and my interactions and relationships with them.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always felt akin with all animals. I would look at them and understand them. We are not verbally communicating, but in some way mutually acknowledging each other. My parents would take me to dinner parties or friends houses and I would automatically become great friends with the dog or cat at that house. Even animals that I briefly meet on the street. Dogs run up to me, look me straight in the eyes.

This has never been something that I have done intentionally or with any end in mind, I have always just felt that critters and I get along. They sense my peace when I am around them, they understand how much I value and admire them, or something. I truly have never thought about it until this class.

Reading this article made me think. Not so much what it had to say, but that there was so much to say! For me, this is very simple, and I guess I have always thought that people’s relationships with animals have been very simple. Either good or bad, happy or not, superior or equal. There has, as I now know, been a lot of thought about it. Does this extensive thought and analysis on the subject create distance between animals and us? A dog does not spend more that a few seconds debating his relationship with a human, but instead simply trusts his gut. Humanity creates a divide between us and other species, but will analyzing it to death close that divide or widen it? I have not decided an answer to this yet.

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