Reflection: Animal Communication
Learned in Barbara Janell's workshop
By ho chi leung (04/20/10 01:27:00)
Related animal: Dog

I do not think Barbara Janell has really taught us a way to communicate with animals. Everything she said was so abstract that I do not think it really works. Before she came, I thought she had some spiritual things inside her, so she could talk to trees. However, after I learnt about how to talk to trees from her, I realized everything from her came from her imagination, so basically, she was teaching us to use our imagination.

Anyways, in order to fulfill the assignment, I used the tree method to talk to my dog Snowbo. Because I think that if the method works on the tree, it should work on dogs too. My dog was bored and was lying on the floor. I went to him and felt his existence. Then, I asked him if he loved me or not, then my heart answered me a no. My dog looked at me and licked my face. I was silence for few minutes and didnít do anything next to him, so he turned his head away.

In short, I do not think Snowbo had answered my question. It was myself who answered my own question. Barbara suggested us to find a tree if we have headache or if we have difficulties that need an answer, I guess she succeeded to do that because standing next to tree gave her the peacefulness that calmed her nerve, so she could think properly in herself, so it was not really the tree that answered her questions.

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