Reflection: Animal Communication
Communication using Barbara Janell's Tips
By Serena Zahler (04/19/10 22:23:12)
Related animal: Rabbit

I attempted to use the meditation practices Barbara Janell taught us to become closer to my domesticated "wild" bunny neighbors. I sat on the grass where they often frolic on warm days, closed my eyes, and tried to become closer with them. I tried to put myself in their paws, tried to envision their bunny hole (which I think is under the agave plants at the edge of the yard). I even asked them to come meditate with me. Unfortunately, the bunnies never came and participated in my honorary meditation. I do feel this exercise was important as one of my projects will consist of being their advocate, honoring their bunny friend, and acting as a lieson between them and the other human neighbors. I believe this exercise has helped me place myself on the same level as the bunnies and I will better be able to collaborate with them and create a powerful campaign not only for them, but with them.

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