Reflection: Non-Human Animal Perception and Cognition
A Fish in Isla Vista
By Jorden Hirsch (04/15/10 17:35:15)
Related animal: Fish

Throughout the whole discussion in Barbara in class I was thinking of different animals I had in my life and their living environments. New to my life in Isla Vista to my roommates and me is a Beta fish, named P. Diddy. P. Diddy has brought a lot of joy to our house, a beautiful deep blue and purple, he swims around his fish bowl (with rainbow colored pebbles) and we'll make sure to interact with him a couple times a day as a group. After doing the meditation in class and trying to put myself in another species place I was inspired when I got home to try and do this with P. Diddy. As a fish I felt an immediate loosening of my body and this feeling of being completely open for visual scrutiny. I was only able to really physically feel this for a brief second before I started putting my own ideas of what I believed P. Diddy would be seeing as a fish in my kitchen. Out of this though I feel like I did learn something really important, and that was the anxiety that P.Diddy probably feels when we put our fingers on the glass of his tank and/or put our faces really close to his tank.

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