Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
The Man Who Talks to Whales
By Heather Sielke (04/12/10 19:16:58)
Related animals: Anemone, Clownfish, Lion, Turkey, Whale

In chapter 1 of "The Man Who Talks to Whales" by Jim Nollman I found it very interesting that the Turkey was not gaining weight because he was participating with Nollman. That the turkey was actually losing weight and that the owner was getting angry is funny to me. I would never think that playing music with a turkey would make it lose weight.

In chapter 4 I found it interesting when Nollman talked about the relationship between the people and animals and how that differed from relationships between animals and other animals. Like the relationship between the lion and the wildebeest and how at mealtime the wildebeest would know to run and be frightened but during other times when the lion was not feeding that they could be near each other. I have seen the symbiotic relationship between a anemone and a clown fish in my own tank. In a tank a clown fish does not always require a anemone and a anemone does not require a clown fish to survive. Although this is true I wanted to see this relationship. At meal time the clown fish would eat all it wanted and then it would feed the anemone and my clown fish would feed the anemone quite roughly.

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