Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Response to Jim Nollman
By Norah Eldredge (04/11/10 08:56:06)
Related animals: Fish, Turkey

Of these two chapters by Jim Nollman, I found when he was defining what it meant to collaborate with an animal, what our relationship with them currently is, the be the most interesting.
The turkey introduction was a great way to understand how one could start to see these animals differently. He started out experimenting on the turkey and he quickly realized that even though annoying the turkey did get a response, he was not playing the flute for the turkey or with the turkey, but still in the roles of “human” and “subject”.
The next chapter explored things that I have thought about many times before. There is a divide that humans have between them and animals. We as humans need to explore ways to live with animals in a manner of mutual respect for each other. That all species are just trying to live and have energy and vitality to give to their world and environment. There is no greater species, but instead we have been given the opportunity as humans to change the current relationship that we have.

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