Other: Art Made Together with Non-Human Animals
Reading 4/8/2010
By ho chi leung (04/08/10 11:38:14)
Related animals: Lion, Turkey

Many things in this week reading are very interesting. The turkey always gobbled itself when the author played his flute was a very cute interspecies music. It was so funny when the woman blamed at the author, because she thought he was upsetting her turkey and caused it to lose weight. However, the author did not think he was upsetting the turkey at all. I think it is interesting to see how different human beings interpret the animals' actions in different ways. And I agree with the author says that he was having a communication with the animal which involves much more than aesthetics. People always do observation of animals, but his relationship with the turkey was more than an observation, because he was doing a participation. I believe participation not only allows us understand the animals' characters more, but also to form a genuine bond with the animals.

Besides, the Interspecies Protocol's idea impressed me. Especially when the author talks about the protocol between Bushmen and Lions about visiting the waterhole and keeping the lions quiet at night. And it is sad to hear that their traditional interspecies protocol was then disturbed because of the ranchers, and the peace between the Bushmen and lions was further broken.

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