Project Ideas
By Martin C. Shaver (04/08/10 11:33:39)
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Project Ideas

I have yet to hammer out one single idea for what project I am going to do involving the collaboration with animals. I'm thinking of two separate ones at the moment. The first idea i was thinking up was working with either raccoons, skunks, or both. the idea behind this was that they are both relatively cute animals, but they are scavengers and have some qualities people don't look for in pets, including possible rabies and smelly glands. Nonetheless, they are cute and also plentiful here in IV. I get a lot of visits from these animals at my house at the early part of the 65 block on Del Playa. They like to wander into my front and back yards and fiddle around with our trash. One particular thing of interest of the raccoons is that there is a gazebo out back of my house where two of my roommates live and raccoons like to climb up the later on the side of it, onto the roof. for some reason however, there are apparently raccoon battles that go on there. it seems that they just go up there to fight one another. interestingly though, there is absolutely nothing up there that they should be fighting over, just a blank, shingled, octagonal shaped roof. (i found this particularly funny because of the parallel drawn between a octagon fighting surface in mixed martial art competitions and the octagonal roof that these raccoons fight atop. the idea i would have for a project involving these raccoons would be to track them and see why they fight on top of this roof every so often.
the second and third ideas i have are in development is with dogs at the dog shelter. i want to go and interact with them and see if i can establish a relationship with a few of the dogs and see if i could track a change in their behavior based on regular interactions.
these are the ideas i have so far, but i'm interested in seeing how they develop.

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