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the man who talks to whales
By Jenna Ferri (04/08/10 10:39:30)
Related animal: Turkey

In this introduction to how Nollman came to love collaborating with animals, he defines a very important distinction between science and collaboration. While scientists are using animals in the name of science to learn about them and how they function and thrive as beings, Nollman wants more to collaborate them. His goal is less about understanding how animals work but how he can work with them.

He spent many years working jobs he wasn’t interested in, but eventually found himself in Mexico unintentionally collaborating with a turkey. It was here he learned how to interpret the turkey’s thoughts when playing music. He was able to read the turkey’s interaction to the music and try to learn what made the turkey want to participate. He says it best by saying, “This relationship was not about observation, but rather, about participation” (12). Observation to him was too deeply rooted in science and he wanted to bond with the turkey.

Eventually the turkey began to collaborate back and would wait for him while he was gone. He had formed a new relationship and started to become really passionate about the opportunities that could unfold if all humans strive to collaborate with nature.

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