The Man Who Talks to Whales: Response to Ch. 4 - Interspecies Protocol
By Jessica Oropesa (04/08/10 03:47:14)
Related animals: Anemone, Bear, Coyote, Fish, Lion

In this chapter, Jim Nollman discusses the relationship of human and animal. The relationships he describes are not about interspecies relationships, but of the individual relationships between a member of one species and a member of another. The example that he uses to introduce the topic is about the Bushmen and lions and how through the years of cohabiting with one another, the lions and the Bushmen came to mutual agreements of conduct with each other. This relationship is what Nollman calls, "Interspecies Protocol," which are the understood and unwritten rules between the members of two or more separate species. His text pushes me to think about animals in a revised way - to treat them with more respect and to view them as peers, not just untamed creatures that we cohabit the earth with.

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