The Man Who Talks to Whales: Response to Ch. 1 - The Turkey Trot
By Jessica Oropesa (04/08/10 03:20:49)
Related animal: Turkey

This first chapter, by Jim Nollman, was about his fascination about animals at a young age and how that fascination evolved into certain actions that involved his collaboration with animals. He explains his early thoughts on animal and human interactions and how he viewed animals as important beings in his life. He expressed opposing views of the treatment of animals - such as zoology's perception of humans as higher beings over other animals. I really liked Nollman's way of thinking when it comes to animal relationships. He stated that he experienced animals from a place of respect, a characteristic that does not seem very common within the general public. I found that he made a very good point about the role of a zoologist and how their work benefits humans, not the animals. He states that he "did not necessarily want to learn about them, so much as [he] wanted to learn from them."

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