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Discussion on Nollmans "The Art of Interspecies Collaboration"
By Andrea Chase (04/07/10 18:46:35)
Related animals: Rooster, Whale

*Chapter One*
Nollman begins by recapping his exploration of becoming in touch with a means of expressing sensitivity to creatures on an empathetic level. Through tracing his seemingly exciting and eclectic experiences traveling and living as a working artist and musician in various cities, I was surprised to find that Nollman felt a sense of lacking in his life. This sense of lacking caused Nollman to revert to simpler living which lead him to eventually establish his first real connection with an animal, in his case it happened to be a rooster. Nollman's musical interlacing with a single rooster lead him to further entice others of the same species into musical interlude. After about a year of interaction Nollman eventually learned how to create a symbiotic symphony with the roosters he encountered.
*Chapter Four*
The fourth chapter begins to discuss and introduce Nollman's more current work. Through discussion of both his most revered philosophies concerning respect toward animals and his work with dolphins, Nollman begins to truly relay to the reader his empathetic connection with all species. Describing his feelings about the treatment of other species can be best described as the purest "universalistic" viewpoint I have ever experienced in a human. Universalism revolves around the boundaries one extends concerning the conceptions of what fits into morality; the more universalistic you are the more empathy and relation you feel and show toward another being (human or non). In my opinion developing a universalistic attitude parallels the main goals of truly communicating and connecting with another animal, human, species, etc.

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