Other: Animal Communication
By Jeff Marsch (05/14/09 08:46:25)
Related animal: Dog

What is the medium of thought communication? It has been proposed throughout history that there is the possibility of instantaneous communication regardless of distance, location, or any other variable. This seems to be the type of communication that is employed by animal communicators that claim to speak to pets over telephones, to dead animals, to non present animals based on the virtue of name. What is the nature of the connection between the communicator and the supposed reciprocating animal? I made a few maps so that I may deduce how much information seems to be necessary for one with telepathic powers to communicate with a non-local entity. It seems that at least 3 pieces are needed to locate the animal and establish communication. Based on the video we watched, they can be any of the following things: knowledge of the pet's name, the presence of the owner, the whereabouts of the animal, rudimentary knowledge of the animal's behavior, belief that the animal will transmit information back in response to emotional contact, etc. It appears that three anchors are necessary to triangulate the target animal, much the same way in which three satellites are needed to accurately locate a gps. For a bigger project I propose to give three legitimate attempts at communicating with three non-present animals via telepathy so as to try and deduce what exactly needs to be known about the animal before one can open a pathway to it.

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