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Mouse Tragedy Number 1
By Chelsea Hunter (05/11/09 15:34:09)
Related animal: Mice

A few weeks ago the snake that I am doing a collaboration with did not feel like eating her dinner. Her dinner happened to be a tiny white mouse that I affectionately named Senior Marshmellow. Since Pandora ( the snake) would not be eating him I thought that maybe I could use him in some sort of collaboration. He was very timid so my first order of business was to see how long it took him to feel comfortable with me. During the course of the day I picked him up many times and talked to him in a calming voice, at first he was very squirmy but he seemed to get more used to my touch as the day went on.This was right after we saw the pet communicator so I tried using some of things she taught me such as putting myself into his head to see if that would help me feel how he was feeling. I dont know if I was hungry or he was but I then realized that he had not eaten anything since he had been living in our house and that he probably needed to have some nourishment. Since I was not sure what he was in the mood for I picked a variety of fruit, veggies, and seeds ( I heard mice like sunflower seeds) from our kitchen. About an hour after I gave him his food I stopped by his cage to check on him and to my surprise he had eaten everything that I had given him and his body had turned into a massive white ball. He looked pretty tired, I was guessing it was because of all of the food so I decided to let him rest for a little while. The next day when i went to check on him he was not moving and after a little investigation i realized that he had passed away sometime during the night. My collaboration which never really started ended on a sad note with the death of Senior Marshmellow from an overdose of food.

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