Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Sedgewick Reserve
By Chelsea Hunter (05/10/09 11:23:59)
Related animal: Cow

Unfortunately I felt little connection to any animals at the Sedgewick Reserve which is usually the feeling that I get when dealing with animals in the wild. Before the meditation we saw a deer so I thought about the deer and sent visuals to it hoping that when I opened my eyes it would be near me. We did see deer later on but they did not really seem interested in us. I really wanted to use the tools that we learned to communicate with the animals but It didn't seem like they were willing at the time.Everyone was really excited to about the cows and the opportunity to be able to get up close to them and touch them. Right away i got a feeling of nervousness from the cows and I felt like their instinct to eat was the only thing keeping them near us. I think if only one or two people would have gotten near them then they would have been more comfortable rather than a whole crowd of people trying to touch them at once. I felt like Patrick was really uneasy when everyone was trying to press against him, I know that it was supposed to make the cow comfortable but I felt like he was feeling trapped. Later on during the night when we finally heard the Coyotes calling to each other I felt a real sense of animal communication that I don't think I will ever really be able to a part of. It was so beautiful to hear their calls and listen to them as they communicated with each other. I really had a nice time sharing an environment with animals that live in the reserve and although there was no concrete communication I did feel closer to the animals of the wild.

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