Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Communicating with Layla
By Chelsea Hunter (05/10/09 10:59:06)
Related animal: Dog

After talking with the animal communicator i was very inspired to do some communicating of my own. I rescued my dog Layla about a year ago from an abusive home and although she lives with my father in Santa Maria I have always felt like we have a special bond. Those first few nights in our home she spent in bed with me and I tried to convey feelings of love and trust so that she would be comfortable. Now over a year later I was on my way to my fathers house for a visit and I thought it would be a perfect time to test our bonds and see if there could be some communication between us. She is still a young dog and when there are people around she gets very excited and hyper so it was quite hard getting her to stay still so that I could have a moment with her. I put my hands on her and looked into her eyes and it was if I could almost feel all of her thoughts racing through her head. I immediately feel joyful and relaxed when I see her and I am wondering if she is sending me messages of love and happiness. I tried to ask her a few questions, mostly things like if she is happy living with my father and if she is glad to see me. I didn't feel like I got a response but then I remembered that I was supposed to send pictures not words. How do you ask a question with pictures? I thought about it for a while and become frustrated and she started to get restless so I let her out to play. Before I left I picked her up again and looked into her eyes, I felt that I didn't even have to ask her if she was happy that I could just see that she was when she looked at me. I can't really say that the communication was totally successful but I do believe that the bond with my dog is real and that with practice I might have better luck in the future with communicating with her on another level.

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