Reflection: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
Sedgwick Reserve
By Michael Walter Lambert (05/08/09 13:56:26)
Related animal: Spider

We were to meet at Sedgwick Reserve on thursday at noon. The fires near Isla Vista to the south had my attention but off I went to Sedgwick. It was an interesting car drive mainly through the country. I arrive at Sedgwick and it is hot. We immediately eat lunch and wait for the rest of the group. Upon arrival I encounter a dog that seemingly lives there. When he saw me he immediately ran and grabbed his frisbee. I tried to play fetch but he was reluctant to let go of the frisbee. He even held it less tight so I could get it without him letting go. He was quite good at fetching the frisbee even catching it i the air. Other animals were squirrels and lizards.
When more of the group got there we decided to take a hike, a short hike but mainly up hill. We got to the top and tried a meditation exercise. We were up on the top of the hill for hours just thinking. I think we were taking in nature. The tree above us was quite incredible and I was grateful for the shade it provided. There is something nice about sharing time with a tree. There were many insects up there and some cool plants. We did hear many animals and even saw some deer. There were several deer,
We hike over the hill and back to camp. There are more human collaborators waiting for us. We chill for a second and then decide to check out the cows. Especially the male cow Patrick who had earned himself a reputation mainly just for being fat. There was three cows in all and several at a near by farm just watching us. The cows we interacted with had a strange color pattern, black with a wide white stripe covering the area between the front and back legs. We offered the cows food but still they were skittish. Eventually we got to touch and even pet the cows. We tried to lay down to ease the tension but this did not work. The cow is a large animal and these cows were very cute if not a bit fat. Eventually some of the human collaborators attempted to flamingo dance with the cow by letting the cow lead. I think Masha got it on tape.
Before going in for dinner we decided to go look at the water troff, a man made watering hole meant for the animals of this region to get a drink. There is a camera set up meant to take pictures of the different animals who drink there. The camera senses motion. The water was filthy and an unhealthy green color. We decided to go to the top of the hill and see if any animals come. It was getting dark but it was quite lovely. There were animals out, letting us know they were there through sound. We didn't see most of these animals but we did see two Owls who were hooting away. The experience had a nice spiritual feel to it.

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