Story: Art Made by Non-Human Animals
Neighbor Nest
By Hannah Vainstein (05/06/09 11:50:22)
Related animal: Bird

Day one: mission in getting to know my neighbors.

West Campus Family housing is located at the intersection of El Colegio and Stork Rd. It is only a short walk to Cole Oil Point and the bluffs. The main nature areas include the road behind Isla Vista Elementary leading to the park on Fortuna Rd, the family housing community gardens right next to the apartment complex which also boarders the Devereux lagoon and the bit of nature surrounding the lagoon before the golf course.

For my first walk I have set out to wonder through the community gardens and along the road leading toward Coal Oil Point. I am giving myself the freedom to stop at any point along the road and sit for a while also any possible relationship with an animal to start.

Recount of journey:

At the very start of the walk I came across something I had never seen before: a gofer. Of course I have heard of them loads and they eat all of my gardens I planted when I was little but I have never seen one before. Nathan and I stood for a while watching him takes pieces of grass into his hole. Iím pretty sure he was aware of our presents for many reasons one being that Nathan was singing to him. After a while we continued on the walk. Along the road we came to two benches. I heard some resettling near the edge of the benches and so I crouched down to see what was happening. What ever was there ran away. I then sat down on the bench that was beneath two Eucalyptus trees. I meditated for a while and I kept hearing a fast flutter noise passing above me. After a while I discovered that I humming bird had been passing over my head very close to me. As it was getting dark I decided to walk home. Just before getting to my walk way I looked down and found a fallen nest on the ground. I turned it over and discovered that it had been a used nest which had been blown out of the tree. I feel that it was a gift from my little neighbors.

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