Reflection: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
UCSB "Reef"
By Michael Walter Lambert (05/05/09 18:09:36)
Related animals: Crab, Pond Life, Star Fish, Tiger Shark

Our trip to the reef at the UCSB or the Marine Science Institute gave me a chance to interact with sea life that I normally would never encounter. I had only brief experiences with this kind of sea life in the past. This sea life was very interesting. Most of the animals had no heads, I guess you could say they were very basic. I wonder how much the think. It was great to get to touch some of these animals even I was initially timid. I was curious but a little scared. It is interesting to feel life that you don't understand. My inability to understand these animals makes it difficult for me to think of a collaboration with them that they would approve of. However basic the sea life they were still fascinating. They were prickly, sticky, gooey and seemingly content. There were also crabs and tiger sharks. One of the sharks seemed to be doing something of a dance near the surface of the water. The rest of the sharks were less playful. Some of the animals interacted and some didn't. The octopus was shy and so too was the lobster. The fish were of different sizes. It would be interesting to find the likes and dislikes of the starfish, the animal that I thought exemplified the group, and to collaborate accordingly.

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