Reflection: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
reflection communication
By Michael Walter Lambert (05/02/09 17:56:43)
Related animal: Dog

I come over to my parents house with the intention of working with our family dog Mac. Mac is a West Highland White Terrier, male, and eight human years old. We know each other well, he seemed happy to see me as he greeted me at the door. I can't help but hear good things and happy energy from Mac. Knowing how much Mac likes hamburgers I was allowed to feed him one. He likes to play fetch with any of his many toys. He is always happier after a meal. From Santa Barbara I brought a video camera and a regular camera for potential projects with Mac, but first I wanted to try the 7-steps taught to us by Carol Gurney.
The first thing I do is sit down and follow Carol Gurney's steps to meditation. As I attempt to meditate, Mac grows restless. I'm not sure he will stay with me during the step one meditation phase. I realize I need to get the dogs attention so I begin reading the meditation steps out loud. Then a funny thing happened. Mac suddenly calmed down and started to relax. I could see these words soothing to him. He finally got comfortable. One great moment of recognition came when I was reading the step where you are supposed to imagine yourself walking on a beach and Mac laying on his side half asleep began kicking his feet as if he were trying to follow the direction! I now start step five; learn to focus. I am told to choose a communication line between me and the animal. Either visual. mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. I do not feel comfortable doing any of these. I just follow the steps and hope for a vision; a sign. Again I read the instructions out loud and I see the dog is very interested. It appears to me that not only is he curious but he understands. I can feel him following the steps one by one as I would.
I attempt to meditate myself now that the dog is calmed down and resting. I do many breathing exercises and I begin to feel grounded, open, and calm. I begin asking the dog some questions. I get no answers at least not audibly or mentally. I do get a few visual mental pictures but I am not sure if that is me or the dog. Perhaps Mac did not feel like talking. I ask him many questions including "Is there anything you want me to know" and "what would you do about my personal problems." I get no answers but I do get a feeling from him, almost physical. I see dark anger. I am very aware that he is in the room. I can feel him. I think he is projecting. I can see he is tired I had just taken him for a walk. I love Mac, we connect on so many different levels even if not through language.

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