Reflection: Interspecies Communication
Telepathic Communication with a giraffe
By Shanti Harris (04/28/09 08:05:03)
Related animal: Giraffe

This weekend I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. I attempted to communicated with the animals telepathically and sent them both visual and emotional messages. I did not seem to recieve much feedback at first, however, was drawn to the Giraffes. I felt like I was being pulled towards them as I walked along the path at the zoo. When I reached their location, I calmly waltched them interact with eachother. I tried to send one of the giraffes the message that I wished to see him/her more closely so that we could communicate. One of the giraffes turned around and slowly walked a little bit closer towards my direction. The giraffe did not get very close, but had staired at me for about four minutes. I staired back, sending positive vibrations, and felt a calmness, and sweetness as the giraffe looked at me. After four minutes, it had carried on with its previous activities (eating and interacting with the other giraffes) .
I am convinced that the giraffe sensed I was trying to communicate with it. My presense was certainly noticed. I hope to have more encounters like this and develop the awareness and skills to communicate with animals more frequently and clearly.

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