Reflection: Non-Art Interspecies Collaborations
Pig farm
By Michael Walter Lambert (04/12/09 19:15:33)
Related animal: Pig

I enjoyed our trip to the pig farm. The pigs were far more intelligent than I thought they would be. It was my first real interaction with pigs. I thought they might be more aggressive but due to their old age perhaps I didn't get a fair sample of healthy young pig behavior. I was unaware of the different kinds of pigs that there are. I noticed a nice variation of pigs at the farm-big, small, black, white, and spotted. One of the bigger thrills was seeing the 1000 lb pig. Due to their age not many of the pigs were healthy. It was fascinating that they liked their bellies rubbed like dogs! It was funny to see the farm dogs "police" the pigs. Not too sure of a collaborative project at this point. Perhaps a pig day spa with belly scratchers, nail and tusk trimming, mud and soft places to lay in the sun. Maybe study day to day pig behavior.

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