Articles: Interspecies Relationships
Implications of Human-Animal Interactions and Bonds
Kathryn Bayne (ILAR Journal Online)
Related animals: Ape, Dolphin, Gorilla, Human, Mice, Monkey

The essay explains how relationships and bonding between non-human and humans can develop through proper interaction, attention, and recognizing signs. Bayne argues that these interactions can contribute to animal well-being.

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Review by lhyatt (04/28/06 09:51:03):
This was in interesting if not strange article on the bond which may form between humans and the research animals on which they perform tests. The author gave some basic scenarios regarding what is a necessary enviornment suitable to forming bonds, and though I see this as being able to happen in a labratory, i found it if nothing a little critical. how can a true bond occur when one of the species is being used solely for the other's benefit? I just dont find that possible.